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Is 1 op 1 marketing mogelijk via CD’s? Ja! Met n-CD! Sony DADC, wereldwijd de grootste disc replicator, kan elke n-CD een unieke identiteit geven. Ongeacht de oplage.

Die identiteit is door u automatisch online te herkennen. De consument behoeft geen nummers in te tikken of door te bellen. U weet meteen of hij of zij (weer) online is. En dat is alleen mogelijk met originele CD’s. Of het nu om CD-Audio, een CD-Rom of DVD-Rom gaat.

De CD leidt naar een speciale webpagina, waar je op geen andere manier kan komen. Zo kunt u kortingen, bonussen of prijzen toekennen aan uw kopers. Zij worden beloond voor het gebruik van een originele CD.

De CD is nu ook een ticket naar toegevoegde waarde. Telkens weer. En u kunt 1 op 1 marketen met uw doelgroep. Dat is nou wat je noemt win-win. Dat is n-CD!

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of download de n-Cd folder in pdf-formaat

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Sony DADC launches DualDisc manufacturing in Europe and has started replication in January. DualDisc is a highly-anticipated product which combines audio and video on one disc.

Salzburg, Austria; January 13, 2005 - Sony DADC announces to begin DualDisc replication in Europe.

Highly anticipated by consumers and labels alike, this new format offers audio listeners an enriched album experience that lets fans get closer to their artists. Sony DADC offers DualDisc capacities both in Europe and the United States and has already received orders for several million units.

DualDisc is a two-sided disc made up of a CD on one side and a DVD on the other. In addition to a full album on the CD side, the DVD side often provides the entire album in surround sound and also includes a wide range of special features such as music videos, interviews, photo galleries, web links, concert footage and lyrics. By combining video, surround sound and web connectivity in a single disc, labels and artists have a new dimension in creating a listening experience. At the same time consumers receive a greater value driven by unique content.

DualDisc has received an impressive response from consumers in the United States where the format was already introduced in the last quarter of 2004. Over 60 titles are already available. US-researchers reveal in their surveys that consumers are overwhelmingly positive about the product. Some 90 percent of consumers said they would recommend DualDisc to a friend and 82 percent said they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with DualDisc. “We expect the traditional music retail market to be re-energized by this product in Europe and the US alike,” says Johannes Stegfellner, Sales Director at Sony DADC. “DualDisc is a compelling product which delivers a new type of musical experience and gives consumers an unbeatable entertainment package.”

Although DualDisc is a new disc product, it does not require a new player. DualDisc is compatible with nearly any device that can currently play a CD or a DVD, including home stereo systems, portable disc players, car stereos, game consoles or PCs. The format is supported by major and independent music labels, such as Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, 5.1 Entertainment Group/Silverline Records and EMI Music.

Sony DADC, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, is currently the only optical storage media replicator having the capability of producing the DualDisc product in Europe and the United States.

Zie voor meer informatie:
of download de DualDisc folder in pdf-formaat

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